She Cast

The cast and crew of SHE at The Playhouse in Cheltenham (photo by Neil Palfreyman)


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Agnieszka Swita (Ayesha), Christina Booth (Ustane), Alan Reed (Holly),
David Clifford (Leo), Soheila Clifford (Rehani) and Peter Hughes (Billali)

Clive Nolan (Musical Director), Scott Higham (drums),
Mark Westwood (guitar), Hugh McDowell (Cello),
Kylan Amos (bass), Claudio Momberg (keyboards)

Set Design Mike Barwick
Lighting Design
Dave Whitlock
Technical Manager
Ian Cann

Stage Manager Steve Jemmott
Head of Costume Design Sarah Clark
Choir Mistress Dorothy Frances
Choreographer Penny Hemms
Expressive Director Mandy Godding

Produced and Directed by David Clifford


 She live in De Boerderij, Netherlands

 Trailer of She - The Musical